Professionally prepared to take care of your pet in a multitude of ways.


Routine Care


Parasite Control

Full Dental Work

Spaying and Neutering

Fluids - click here to watch a how-to video or click here for an instructional hand-out

Wound Care


Physical Screening and Diagnostic Tools

These services are routinely used to assess the health status of your pet:


Digital Xray/Radiological System

Ultrasound - for non-invasive internal examination

Otoscope - for viewing ear canal
Endoscope - for examination of small passages, like nose or esophagus

Full Blood Analyses - to better determine course of treatment

Full Urinalysis with spin-down assessment

Surgical & Orthopedic

Various surgical procedures are used as necessary to address more serious health concerns you pet might have, which includes the choice between Cutting Edge CO2 laser or traditional surgical techniques. Laser surgery has been shown to reduce pain and swelling at the surgical site.

Surgical Techniques:

Soft tissue - all aspects, including soft pallate reduction and stenotic naris (to improve breathing), splenectomy and gall bladder removal.

Cosmetic - ear trims, tail docks, entropion (eye).

We also offer several types of advanced orthopedic surgery techniques:

Fracture Repair

String of Pearls™ (SOP) locking plate system by Orthomed

Pinning and Plating

Canine Cruciate Ligament Rupture Repair

Modified Maquet Procedure OrthoFoam™ (MMP) by Orthomed

Rapid Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA RAPID®) by Leibinger Medical

TightRope® by Arthrex

Patella Luxation Repair (dislocation of the knee cap)

RidgeStop™ by Orthomed

Other Procedures

We recommend Home Again® microchip implants for all pets. This implant provides you with a nationwide identification system for finding your pets if they are lost. Also, because the device is implanted, it cannot be lost.

Cutting Edge MLS Laser Therapy is a combination of continuous and pulsating light therapy that is applied externally to provide an anti-inflammatory effect and edema re-absorption, but with secondary analgesic effects. Applications for this technology include:

  • Pain Management
  • Deep Musculoskeletal Disorders
  • Anti-Inflammatory Applications
  • DJD (Degenerative Joint Disease)
Dr. Hartzoge utilizing the surgical laser technology
Dr. Hartzoge utilizing the surgical laser technology
Patient, after having MLS Laser Therapy!
Patient, after having MLS Laser Therapy!
String of Pearls™ (SOP)
String of Pearls™ (SOP)
MMP OrthoFoam™
MMP OrthoFoam™

Great place to take your fur baby. Dr.’s are wonderful. Staff is super friendly and helpful. Would not take my pet any where else.

Alicia S.

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